GTA Real Estate Websites

Why do you need a website?

  • In addition to a phone number, email address and business cards, clients will expect that you have a website.
  • When you are meeting with a client, you can use your website to show a few properties for purchase or for comparables.

What results can I expect from my website?

  • Once somebody has landed on your website, the goal is to encourage them to call or email you.
  • People will find your website because they saw it in an advertisement, on one of your signs, on your business card or because you directed them to it through social media.
  • The Real Estate market in the GTA is unlike most others in North America. Some of what you read and learn about Real Estate Marketing does not apply in the GTA.
  • With over 50,000 agents working in the area, it is highly unlikely that people will come across your website online because you paid for “search engine optimization”. The top search results are always from those who are spending a significant amount of money to be listed first.

Where should I focus my marketing efforts?

  • Time honored socializing techniques (joining local clubs/organizations etc.), door knocking and building your brand (getting your name out there) should be your focus.
  • Social media, specifically Facebook or LinkedIn, are excellent places to reach people. Many of us have tens if not hundreds of friends on Facebook and LinkedIn. Make sure to post something once in a while that reminds them that you are an experienced real estate broker or sales representative.
  • Your goal as always when attracting clients is to meet them in person as soon as possible and start doing the work for them.

What should I look for in a website?

  • Almost 50% of internet usage now takes place on mobile phones so it is imperative that your website is easy to read on those devices. The layout needs to be “responsive” so that it will adjust appropriately to different sizes of screens.
  • You clients should be able to search for properties without having to sign in.
  • Provide general information on buying and selling, access a mortgage and tax calculator and most important – display your contact information everywhere!

Your website features.

  • Header containing your legally required contact information.
  • Logo and colours matching those of your brokerage.
  • Home page with the latest TREB Market Watch Report and Historical Statistics Report.
  • Slideshow on the home page featuring attractive images. (Standard supplied images or up to 10 images supplied by you.)
  • Optional feed from your facebook page.
  • Standardized content from your brokerage included on the Sell Your Home and Buy A Home pages.
  • Searchable listings supplied by TREB IDX. No sign-in required which is often a barrier to potential customers.
  • Responsive website layout viewable on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.
  • Analytics reports showing visitor traffic details.
  • Search engine optimization including submission to Google and Bing search engines.
  • Google translate feature allowing visitors to view the website in their language of choice.
  • Mortgage and land transfer tax calculators.
  • About (bio) page containing the story about you!
  • Your contact information displayed prominently throughout the site including a contact page.


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Custom property websites available.

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